Should we Open-Source the GMG?

First of all
A huge THANK YOU to all our pre-production prototype customers; we greatly appreciate your business.

To the matter
We are debating the next step for the GMG airgun… its fate, if you will. The pre-production prototypes did not sell as well as we’d hoped, and due to the lack of sales we might not be able to take the next version of the GMG to full production.

Want to buy one of the few remaining prototypes? The BUY NOW button is in the side bar —>

We are still trying very hard to bring together the funds necessary for mass production, but IF we fail at this task… well… what do we do? We spent an incredible amount of money and time developing this amazing airgun: we still want to make it available for all who want it.

If we can’t mass produce the GMG
How about we publish the design and make it available to anyone who wants it? Would anyone actually build one? Would anyone pay for the plans? Would anyone participate in a group order of the more complicated machined parts? If the design were based around a shell casing and magazine, and the shells/magazine were available inexpensively… would home builders base their own airgun designs around those parts?

We have lots of questions about this course of action
Please help us gather some information about this by carefully reading the questions below and then completing the poll. Help us out even more by posting a link to this update in any fabricator, home machinist, airgun enthusiast, maker, and tinkerer forums/blogs you can find: the more answers from that community the better.

Link to this page:
And/or share with the SHARE/SAVE bar at the bottom of this post.

Thank you all!

Do you want the GMG to be an Open-Source project?
Select as many answers as you like

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Why no warranty? Why a release waiver?

We chose to not offer a warranty with the GMG prototype airguns. Does this mean we’ll say “tough luck” if you buy an airgun and it shows up at your house non-functional? NO, ABSOLUTELY NOT. If your airgun doesn’t work out of the box, then we will make it right!

The reason we do not offer a warranty is to avoid regulation compliance costs for a 1975 federal law which governs product warranties. Instead, we have chosen to use our resources to help you the customer directly with any problem that might arise with your GMG prototype.

Think this sounds fishy? Where did we get an idea like this? Well, actually from one of the largest firearm manufacturers in the country: Sturm, Ruger & Co. (from their FAQ page under ‘service’):

“The Magnuson-Moss Act (Public Law 93-637) does not require any seller or manufacturer of a consumer product to give a written warranty. It does provide that if a written warranty is given, it must be designated as “limited” or as “full” and sets minimum standards for a “full” warranty. Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. has elected not to provide any written warranty, either “limited” or “full”, rather than to attempt to comply with the provisions of the Magnuson-Moss Act and the regulations issued thereunder.”

Ruger offers no warranty on their firearms, but they still service and repair their products to keep their customers happy. Are we Ruger? No, we are not implying that at all. However we do aspire to be as respectable as Ruger. We stand behind the products we make and will do everything we can to assure the product you buy will work at its very best.

And why this stupid waiver?

One word: liability.

Americans love to hurt themselves and sue the company that made the product they were using. We want no part in this. We are a small start up, and we don’t have access to high-priced lawyers to defend against frivolous lawsuits. We can’t risk loosing everything because some idiot shoots himself in the face and then decides to blame the GMG.

The GMG works great, and is very safe with a safe user, but we need this release just to be sure our butts are covered. Does the release cost us sales? Yes it does, but we’d rather loose a few sales than get sued for someone else’s mistake. We do apologize to our potential customers for requiring such a document, and we hope to find a way to offer our products without the need for a release waiver.



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Of this special first batch of GMG prototypes, we still have a few left. So we’re putting them ON SALE!!! Ready for a super-duper-you-can’t-pass-this-up-SALE?

GMG Airguns are ON SALE

GMG airguns are ON SALE!

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Airgun? Firearm? In Between?

A comparison of the GMG to airguns and firearms.

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The GMG is not a toy BB gun!

We want to clear up any confusion about what type of airgun the GMG truly is. The GMG is not a “BB gun”, nor is it a “toy”. Although we tried with the table below, you cannot compare the GMG to a Drozd, Blackbird, Steel Storm, or EBOS. The GMG is simply in a different class of airgun. If you want a cheap full-auto BB gun for pissing off crows and plinking paper targets and Coke cans, then look elsewhere.

But if you want to tap steel gong targets, mutilate 3/4″ plywood silhouettes, take down a rabid stray dog at 100 yards, then beat a coconut open for a Pina Colada celebration… the GMG is for you.

The GMG was designed as a pneumatic gun… not quite a BB gun, but not quite a firearm… somewhere in the middle.

Full Auto Airguns
GMG full auto airgun
Blackbird full auto airgun
Drozd Blackbird
EBOS full auto airgun
Umarex EBOS
Muzzle Energy 13.1 ft-lbs (17.8J)

Advantage GMG!
3.3 ft-lbs (4.5J) 3.3 ft-lbs (4.5J)
Airgun Weight A solid 7 lbs unloaded due to a full metal receiver.
Advantage GMG!
Plastic construction weighs only 4 lbs. A wimpy 3 lbs due to cheap plastic housing.
Batteries Batteries? We don’t need no stinkin’ batteries!
Advantage GMG!
6 x AA 2 x AA
Get it wet? Sure! Get it wet! No electronics or batteries to ruin. Just keep it oiled
Advantage GMG!
No way! Water will ruin the electronics and corrode the battery terminals. EEKK! NO! The EBOS is scared of water! It will ruin the electronics.
Ammo Capability Anything .22 caliber: lead pellets, lead round balls, BBs, darts, etc.
Advantage GMG!
Only .177 steel BBs Only .177 steel BBs
Ammo Capacity 50 round precision-fit no-noise magazine.
Advantage: toss-up
200 loose BB hopper… makes noise when you shake the airgun
Advantage: toss-up
360 loose BB hopper… makes noise when you shake the airgun
Advantage: toss-up
Air Capacity Remote air tank adapter is standard.
Advantage GMG!
1x88g disposable CO2 bulb or 3x12g disposable CO2 bulbs. Remote tank adapter is $70 extra. 1x88g disposable CO2 bulb. Remote tank adapter is $25 extra.
Retail Cost $1000 $300 $135
Advantage EBOS
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GMG prototype sale has begun

GMG prototype batch

Batch of GMG airgun prototypes waiting for new homes

At long last, the GMG prototypes are finally up for sale. We only have a small batch, so if you want one- grab it now or forever hold your peace. Please go to the Buy Now page for full details and purchase instructions.

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Shell Catcher

We have net bags with a drawstring which attach to the shell ejection port and catch the spent shell casings upon ejection. They work well, and GD they are helpful when blowing through the ammo- especially around leaves.

We will include one of these bags with each prototype GMG. The bags hold over 100 shells.

GMG shell catcher

Shell casing catcher

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New media

Hey! Quick update:

Check out the new video of the GMG destroying small toys on the homepage. Much fun was had making this video. There’s nothing quite like blowing hundreds of lead slugs into a lineup of cheap junk… just watch it disintegrate! I wonder if the old ladies at the thrift store had any idea where my purchases would end up?

GMG carnage video

You can't hide from the GMG in a birdhouse!

A few new pics are in the media section too.



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Shell Casings

Yes, the GMG uses ejectable shell casings. And yes, we hope to use the same shell casings in the production version.

GMG reusable ejectable shell casing

Ejectable and reusable shell casing for the GMG

We used shell casings in the design for reliable feeding of soft non-jacketed lead projectiles (pellets) and ammo versatility (pellets or sphericals). The GMG will cycle and shoot any .22 caliber projectile that will fit into the shell casings (above 10gr). The casing also allows for easy multi-caliber conversion. We will have .177 shell casings and barrel kits available for the production version allowing you to shoot .177 out of the same airgun and magazine.

We understand picking them up for reuse might be inconvenient, but the benefits of using the casings far outweigh that drawback. The ejection port of the GMG also has attachment points for a catcher to collect the spent casings. We hope to offer the catchers by the Dec 16 sale date.

Regarding availability of the shell casings: We already made a production injection mold for these shell casings, so we have plenty available and more can be made quickly and inexpensively. Don’t worry about buying this airgun and running out of shell casings. If you have doubts and want to stock up, we’d be glad to quote you a bulk order.



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New site launched … then crashed

Holy crap what a pain! We launched a new site on a new host, then announced the LONG AWAITED sale of 15 prototype GMG airguns, then BAM the host erased our entire account and all their backups were corrupt. We are literally rebuilding everything from scratch AGAIN.

Sorry for the mess. The problems with our host in no way will effect the start of the sale which is still scheduled for December 16th at 12noon EST. For those of you who participated in the pre-sale silent auction… everything is kosher and we are shipping ASAP.

NEWSLETTER SUBSCRIBERS: If you signed up after November 14th, then I’m sorry but your email has been lost from our list. Sign up again please!

If you’re in the market for a website host, DO NOT USE

Thanks for hanging with us!



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