Should we Open-Source the GMG?

First of all
A huge THANK YOU to all our pre-production prototype customers; we greatly appreciate your business.

To the matter
We are debating the next step for the GMG airgun… its fate, if you will. The pre-production prototypes did not sell as well as we’d hoped, and due to the lack of sales we might not be able to take the next version of the GMG to full production.

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We are still trying very hard to bring together the funds necessary for mass production, but IF we fail at this task… well… what do we do? We spent an incredible amount of money and time developing this amazing airgun: we still want to make it available for all who want it.

If we can’t mass produce the GMG
How about we publish the design and make it available to anyone who wants it? Would anyone actually build one? Would anyone pay for the plans? Would anyone participate in a group order of the more complicated machined parts? If the design were based around a shell casing and magazine, and the shells/magazine were available inexpensively… would home builders base their own airgun designs around those parts?

We have lots of questions about this course of action
Please help us gather some information about this by carefully reading the questions below and then completing the poll. Help us out even more by posting a link to this update in any fabricator, home machinist, airgun enthusiast, maker, and tinkerer forums/blogs you can find: the more answers from that community the better.

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Thank you all!

Do you want the GMG to be an Open-Source project?
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