Shell Casings

Yes, the GMG uses ejectable shell casings. And yes, we hope to use the same shell casings in the production version.

GMG reusable ejectable shell casing

Ejectable and reusable shell casing for the GMG

We used shell casings in the design for reliable feeding of soft non-jacketed lead projectiles (pellets) and ammo versatility (pellets or sphericals). The GMG will cycle and shoot any .22 caliber projectile that will fit into the shell casings (above 10gr). The casing also allows for easy multi-caliber conversion. We will have .177 shell casings and barrel kits available for the production version allowing you to shoot .177 out of the same airgun and magazine.

We understand picking them up for reuse might be inconvenient, but the benefits of using the casings far outweigh that drawback. The ejection port of the GMG also has attachment points for a catcher to collect the spent casings. We hope to offer the catchers by the Dec 16 sale date.

Regarding availability of the shell casings: We already made a production injection mold for these shell casings, so we have plenty available and more can be made quickly and inexpensively. Don’t worry about buying this airgun and running out of shell casings. If you have doubts and want to stock up, we’d be glad to quote you a bulk order.



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