The GMG is not a toy BB gun!

We want to clear up any confusion about what type of airgun the GMG truly is. The GMG is not a “BB gun”, nor is it a “toy”. Although we tried with the table below, you cannot compare the GMG to a Drozd, Blackbird, Steel Storm, or EBOS. The GMG is simply in a different class of airgun. If you want a cheap full-auto BB gun for pissing off crows and plinking paper targets and Coke cans, then look elsewhere.

But if you want to tap steel gong targets, mutilate 3/4″ plywood silhouettes, take down a rabid stray dog at 100 yards, then beat a coconut open for a Pina Colada celebration… the GMG is for you.

The GMG was designed as a pneumatic gun… not quite a BB gun, but not quite a firearm… somewhere in the middle.

Full Auto Airguns
GMG full auto airgun
Blackbird full auto airgun
Drozd Blackbird
EBOS full auto airgun
Umarex EBOS
Muzzle Energy 13.1 ft-lbs (17.8J)

Advantage GMG!
3.3 ft-lbs (4.5J) 3.3 ft-lbs (4.5J)
Airgun Weight A solid 7 lbs unloaded due to a full metal receiver.
Advantage GMG!
Plastic construction weighs only 4 lbs. A wimpy 3 lbs due to cheap plastic housing.
Batteries Batteries? We don’t need no stinkin’ batteries!
Advantage GMG!
6 x AA 2 x AA
Get it wet? Sure! Get it wet! No electronics or batteries to ruin. Just keep it oiled
Advantage GMG!
No way! Water will ruin the electronics and corrode the battery terminals. EEKK! NO! The EBOS is scared of water! It will ruin the electronics.
Ammo Capability Anything .22 caliber: lead pellets, lead round balls, BBs, darts, etc.
Advantage GMG!
Only .177 steel BBs Only .177 steel BBs
Ammo Capacity 50 round precision-fit no-noise magazine.
Advantage: toss-up
200 loose BB hopper… makes noise when you shake the airgun
Advantage: toss-up
360 loose BB hopper… makes noise when you shake the airgun
Advantage: toss-up
Air Capacity Remote air tank adapter is standard.
Advantage GMG!
1x88g disposable CO2 bulb or 3x12g disposable CO2 bulbs. Remote tank adapter is $70 extra. 1x88g disposable CO2 bulb. Remote tank adapter is $25 extra.
Retail Cost $1000 $300 $135
Advantage EBOS
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